June 2016

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May 2016

All-in with Aero Tech

The year was 1990. Ted Stallings was working his AT-400 on a Gypsy Moth contract, as he had done countless times since forming Aero Tech. Back then, grasshopper, gypsy moth, boll weevil - just about any eradication - was Aero Tech’s mainstay. Business was at an all-time high and Ted was flying lead in a two-airplane formation low in a valley. "He said my airplane starting disintegrating, right before his eyes. First a section of the tail, then wing and the next thing he knew there was a fireball on the cliff of the valley.” Ted recounted the story of the pilot who was flying behind him. By all accounts, including the photos, Ted Stallings shouldn't have survived that horrific encounter with a transmission line; he did and rebuilt his business ten-fold.

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Summer fire season off to a different start

A conventional fire season would be where the majority of activity sprung up in the American Southwest. In a twisted start for the 2016 fire season, the vast majority of fires have been with our Canadian neighbors. Most news reporting has focused on the huge blaze near Fort McMurray in the northeast corner of Alberta province. This fire has prompted the evacuation of more than one-hundred thousand residents. Twenty-five thousand of them that fled to the north were evacuated a second time when the flames spread in that direction. So far, thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. Large fires are also out of control in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. Most of these blazes are in old growth timber and will only be extinguished by Mother Nature. Aerial resources are already stretched to the max and it appears it will be a long summer for our brothers and sisters to the north.

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Adhere to the PAASS motto with these summer safety tips

“Upon the Performance of Each Rests the Fate of All.” If you’ve ever attended the PAASS Program at a state convention, then you have heard those words uttered more than once. NAAA and its sister organization NAAREF take that motto seriously and ag pilots should too, particularly now that the summer flying season is in full swing and all eyes are upon us. With that in mind, here is a daily checklist to follow to ensure your season is safe and productive.

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Transland adds Davidon to their product line-up

Transland president Roberto Rodriguez announced the purchase of the Davidon dispersal products division from David Chancy who started Davidon in 1992. The transaction includes the Hi-Tek Rotary Atomizer, the Tri-Set Nozzle and Custom Boom systems.

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