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1977 PA-25 260 Pawnee D. Lyc 0-540.. AFTT 5460...        2004 AT-602-60, 4150 TTAF&E. 1178 TT Since power...        Professional Ag Pilot Needing Seat. Completed turbine transition at Central...        M18A Dromader Parts Sale. Spar Caps / Wing Fittings / Cover plates...        1988 Dash 11 Garrett Turbine Dromader, M18A. Delta Turbine Conversion...        Southern Helicopter Service is offering for lease 2 Bell 206...        2 variable rate rotary gates for 38" gate box. Both...        1980 Bell 206 L-1 C30P, 10,350 TTAF. Dual controls...        1990 International Auger Truck annual by Auger Dan. New 12...        1973 1820 Thrush Super Doer conversion. 11530TT, 1110hrs engine,273...        1973 G164A, 6401 TT, 115 SMOH on 985 Yonkin engine...        1983 AT-301A, 6502 TT. 555 SMOH on R1340 Yonkin...        12D40, 40 hours SIRAN, $8,000. Call 662-247-0056 (05-14...        Breakenridge Spreader, 38 in slim line, like new. 662-247-0056 (05-14...        2 hole Ag Cats pristine condition, R985, 2D30, Radios and...        Current carded Seat pilot needed. Call 970-520-1941 (05-14...        1998 AT-402, PT6-11 Engine, M3 GPS with flow control...        1975 Bell 206B Jet Ranger For Sale: N111PM - Price: $475,000...                Looking for a quality used Air Tractor? Tired of that...        2012 AT-402A, 950 TTAF, P &W -21 7000 TTE...        Standard Grumman Gate Spreader. 9 vane 24" inside measurement on...        1992 Air Tractor 401 N1554K Clean Mid West Aircraft TT...        2D30-6101A12, 0/IRAN: $11.5K; 2D30-AG100-2, 0/IRAN:$12.5K; 22D30-6533A12...        12D40-AG100-4S, 0-IRAN: $17.5K; 22D40Ag-200-2,60-Siran: $20.5K; 22D40-6533A...       


Air Tractor's AT-504 earns its place in the ag plane fleet

Piston aircraft pilots and aerial application owners are looking for a practical and affordable path into turbine engine aircraft. The Air Tractor AT-504 offers one way to bridge the piston-to-turbine gap, providing the vehicle to begin bringing new pilots into the business in a way where they can learn while they earn their keep. The logic behind the 504's reason for being is gaining traction among more and more forward-looking ag operators.

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Switchback 510G Thrush debuts

The need for a versatile, rugged, and highly-maneuverable platform is becoming more and more apparent in the aerial fire fighting industry. While, at the same time, operators require an aircraft flexible enough to be used in multiple roles beyond the fire fighting arena in order to stay profitable. Recognizing this demand, Thrush Aircraft is currently in flight evaluation with an innovative new breed of aerial fire fighter that combines the day-to-day capabilities of the world’s best agricultural aircraft, with the ability to change into a highly effective aerial fire fighter in just a matter of hours. This new aircraft is intended for aerial applicators and state and local Fire Control Agencies who want a lower cost, simpler aircraft with multi-use capabilities – including dry application, liquid application, and fire fighting – all in one package.

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Also: Thrush 510G wins Canadian certification

Thrush Aircraft announced this week that Transport Canada, the Canadian civil aviation authority, has issued full type certification for the new Thrush 510G, which is powered by the new GE H80 turboprop engine.

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Standard of care - unmarked METs don’t meet this legal principle; as such the tower industry should beware

The legal term “standard of care” is one that has come up recently as it pertains to the aerial application industry. Before I provide an example, let’s review its legal definition. standard of care n: The watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would exercise. If a person’s actions do not meet this standard of care, then his/her acts fail to meet the duty of care which all people (supposedly) have toward others. Failure to meet the standard is negligence, and any damages resulting therefrom may be claimed in a lawsuit by the injured party. The problem is that the “standard” is often a subjective issue upon which reasonable people can differ.

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