October 2015

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November 2015

Air Tractor debuts the 502XP

Even for a mid-September day in west Texas, 102 degrees is hot. It's the kind of day when few creatures venture above ground or from beneath the shade tree. On this day, buzzards ride thermals over a nearby field of dry, weedy sorghum. A drooping orange windsock barely captures a listless southeast breeze at Olney Municipal Airport. The immense hangar doors of Plants 2 and 2A are shut tight against the heat so that employees building airplanes at Air Tractor, Inc. stay cool(er) in the vast air-conditioned space. Outside on the skillet black tarmac the only activity at the ag plane factory is a group of men sweating around an airplane parked at the fuel and water tanks. At a glance, it looks like any other yellow and blue Air Tractor ag plane—except for the 4-blade Hartzell prop. For those sufficiently motivated to come outside for a closer look, the propeller and the "EXPERIMENTAL" decal on the cockpit door reveal this to be a different Air Tractor, something new.

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AgAir Update evaluates the 502XP

During late summer, I received a phone call from Air Tractor’s ad agency and public relations firm, Traction Marketing Group. On the phone was VP Randy Nichols. Randy and I often coordinate Air Tractor media in AgAir Update. However, this phone call was different in that Randy didn’t want to state too many details, but did want to relay to me a “head-up” notice of great things to come from Air Tractor. I didn’t dare tell him I already had an idea of what the big secret was.

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Thrush Summer Tour finishes with homecoming at Thrush Factory

Read more about the final stops of the Thrush Aircraft Summer Tour, where operators are putting the 510G (H80-powered 510) through its paces.

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Get your gameplan together for the NAAA Convention in Savannah, Georgia with our 2015 NAAA Convention ShowGuide. Read now!


November digital editions of AgAir Update Spanish and AgAir Update Portuguese available!

AgAir Update hosting its 3rd Open House & Hangar Party. Register before it's too late!

In the spirit of the NAAA convention in Savannah, Georgia and good Southern hospitality, AgAir Update is hosting our 3rd Open House event Friday, December 4, 2015. Fly-in to the KPXE (Perry-Houston County Airport) and taxi up to the AgAir Update hangar or drive-in to Perry, GA (on Interstate 75, 90 miles south of Atlanta) and park at the AgAir Update hangar. Savannah is only a two-hour drive from Perry!

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