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Plenty of Horsepower

Nothing takes the place of horsepower when it comes to an ag-plane. The airstrip can be extended, weight can be removed and density altitude low, yet none will improve the performance of an aircraft as much as additional horsepower. It is no secret that with the 500-gallon ag-aircraft, there are times when the airstrip is too short, the density altitude too high, or the hopper is too full for the PT6A-34AG engine with those adverse conditions. A year ago, Cascade Aircraft Conversions in Garfield, Washington started working on an STC to address this issue with the AT-502 and AT-502B series Air Tractors; their answer is a power upgrade to a PT6A-41 or -42 engine with a 106” three-blade Avia propeller.

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Are you SAFE?

That’s the biggest question you need to remember before each flight. As the Federal Air Surgeon, the one thing I want you to remember is that medical certification is an ongoing process that doesn’t end when you leave the Aviation Medical Examiner’s office. Before every flight I recommend employing the IMSAFE check list.

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