Lane Aviation host first stop of 2016 502XP American Expedition

The 2016 502XP American Expedition, a nationwide tour of Air Tractor’s new 502XP kicked off with demonstration flights and bar-b-que at Lane Aviation in Rosenberg,

Aerial vs ground calculator

Often a farmer will be faced with a decision as to whether to treat their crop by ground application or aerial application. Aerial Application has

Air Tractor announces launch of the 502XP American Expedition

Air Tractor’s newest addition to its product line, the 502XP, will soon take off on a journey across America. Dubbed “The 502XP American Expedition” the

NAAA Spreads the Good Word of Agricultural Aviation at EAA’s AirVenture ‘World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration’

Regardless of whether or not it is a self-authored sobriquet, the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual AirVenture held in Oshkosh, Wis. truly is the “world’s greatest

Hellenic Air Force suffers its second CL-215 crash of the year.

The status of Greece’s aerial fire-fighting armada is in crisis after the Hellenic Air Force endured its third major CL-215/415 disaster since 2014. On June

National Agricultural Aviation Museum announces renovation plans

Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association Issues a Challenge Jackson, MS – Guided by the principle of providing educational opportunities which promote the agricultural aviation industry, the

Redline Aviation announces expansion into propeller overhaul and repair

After 11 years of offering quality propeller governors to the aviation community worldwide, Redline Aviation has expanded its capabilities with the purchase of one of

3 Non-Pesticide Reasons Beekeepers Lost 44% of Bees in 2015-16

The Bee Informed Partnership takes an annual survey of commercial and backyard beekeepers in order to track health and survival rates of honey bee colonies.

New opportunity for fall application

The increasing use of fungicides and other products applied late in the growing season has kept many ag planes in the air longer. Now, new

Tribute to Duster Dad

I hope my girls love me like I love you Dad. I hope there’s things that will always make them think of me, as I