Snow S-2A Airplane Restoration Memorial Fund Seeks New Donations

2 years ago

Eight years ago, NAAA established the Kenny Hirsch & Brandon Carter S-2A Airplane Restoration Memorial Fund after Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch lost his 20-year-old

Tri-County Ag on display in Colorado

2 years ago 3

Editor’s Note: Often times, spectacular images appear in the many news feeds that AgAir Update monitors about agricultural aviation. Such was the case for these

God Uses Evil To Destroy Evil 

2 years ago 0

  Then he (angel) said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues” (Revelation 17:15). The

What’s Happening with Dicamba Drift?

2 years ago 0

What’s Happening with Dicamba Drift? By John Garr and Jerry Green, GarrCo Products Other than the news about the impending huge mergers, the biggest chemical

NZ Agricultural Aviation Activity and Safety Update

2 years ago

NZ Agricultural Aviation Activity and Safety Update CHART Around 9,000 fewer agricultural flying hours have been reported for the first half of 2016 compared to

EPA guidance on worker protection standard

2 years ago 0

EPA Guidance on How to Comply with the Revised Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides. EPA in conjunction with the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC)

20 years ago – First AT-602 exceeds expectations of Texas ag operator

2 years ago

SEMINOLE, TX—To say Don Kubecka was ready to take delivery of his new aircraft – the first AT-602 built by Air Tractor – is probably

Interpersonal relationship

2 years ago 0

Interpersonal Relationships One would assume the job of an agricultural pilot comes with absolute solitude. If you think about it, the plane comes equipped with

Cleaning the Windshield

2 years ago 0

Autumn is moving in. The last tomato is in the can and cotton is being combed from the fields. There’s lots of dust and plenty

Three-point vs wheel landings

2 years ago 0

This little essay is a pilot preference thing and truly and in every sense of the word, an “opinion-type” dissertation, mine! It seems to me,

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