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Siding up with Nebraska operator

2 weeks ago 0

“Come on Bill, we’ll be blown out by lunch and will be waiting on you.” Mike Sides, of Sides Aerial Applications based in Bartley and

Ag Aviation in La República de Cuba

2 weeks ago 0

By Austin Kornegay Ever since I was a kid I always heard my dad, Pat Kornegay, talking about this island in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba.

National Ag Aviation Museum update

2 weeks ago 0

I am very happy to update you regarding progress toward the much-anticipated renovation of the National Agricultural Aviation Museum. While conversations have been on-going for

502XP in rice country

3 months ago 1

Ag-Cats have been a mainstay in southwest Louisiana and northern California for many, many years. Short ferries, smaller fields and aircraft familiarity have kept this

Humectants: the drier it is, the more you need them

4 months ago 0

By John Garr and Jerry Green of GarrCo Products Humectants are used widely, but often the unspoken component in spray mixtures. Humectants do the essential

Aerial Firefighting North America Gathers the World’s Experts

5 months ago 0

Tangent Link, renowned and recognised across the globe for its work with the airborne firefighting community, brings the Aerial Firefighting North America Conference and Exhibition

RockAIR Approved for USFS Airborne Firefighting

6 months ago 0

RockAIR Approved for USFS Airborne Firefighting Dunedin, New Zealand TracPlus USA Inc. announced today that their RockAIR flight tracker has been approved by the United

Thrush Aircraft Begins Exploration of Autonomous Air Tanker

6 months ago 0

Strategic alliance with Drone America anticipated to yield unmanned solutions to airborne wildfire surveillance and attack – and more. (Albany, GA) The arsenal of airborne

Seven decades of dedication

7 months ago 0

Sixty-seven years, almost seven decades; three generations, hundreds of annual inspections, thousands of spark plugs and countless flight hours are all part of the history

Thrush delivers first 510G Switchbacks to Georgia’s State Forestry Commission

7 months ago 1

Revolutionary firefighting aircraft will provide faster and more agile fire detection and response capabilities to protect state’s woodland resources. (Albany, GA) Today, as firefighters in

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