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By any other name

1 week ago 0

The plump lady at the bank smiled sweetly and motioned for me to come forward. It was finally my turn to step out from the

Rock Ding!

5 months ago 0

As I began rolling down the runway, a little pop of dust materialized in the prop arch. Less than a blink of an eye, it

A long hot summer

10 months ago 0

It’s been a long hot summer. Hot. Just plain old hot! Density altitude has been stratospheric in most places of the country.  Runways shrink during

Greeting the dawn

11 months ago 0

Dawn seeped into the valley. The new day arrived from the other side of the Sierras heralded by the silent beauty of sunrise over the

United we stand

1 year ago 0

There is an agenda driven sector who know nothing of ag flying, are directly opposed and even hostile to aerial application. Agricultural aviation isn’t only


1 year ago 0

We humans are creatures of habit. We like things to follow a specific pattern and current. Repetitious days where everything fits, as long it doesn’t

Whiling away

1 year ago 0

Winter has moved in. The old boy has pretty much taken over, scattered himself all over the place, stretched out and put his feet up.

The Twelfth Month

2 years ago 0

December is when the land sleeps. The skies are clear, crisp and appear to go all the way to heaven. My memories take me back

Cleaning the Windshield

2 years ago 0

Autumn is moving in. The last tomato is in the can and cotton is being combed from the fields. There’s lots of dust and plenty

“Blow and Woe”

2 years ago 0

The monthly safety meeting included handouts of product labels. At first glance they looked identical. The issue was, one was a widely used insecticide, the

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