Cascade Aircraft Conversions receives STC for PT6A-41/42 for Thrush Aircraft

Cascade Aircraft Conversions CEO Doran Rogers announced today the receipt of the PT6A-41/42 STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) from the FAA for the Thrush Aircraft. This STC for Thrush aircraft is a 100 horsepower increase over the factory PT6A-34 powered Thrush. The 850SHP upgrade to the 500 gallon Thrush aircraft will allow ag operators to be more productive. The PT6A-41/42 engine produces a continuous horsepower up to 106 degrees OAT. The more powerful engine allows the Thrush to carry a full load every day of the year in high temperature/high altitude environments, increasing the acres per hour. The PT6A-41/42 engine is mounted in a new, extended engine mount that balances the aircraft and comes with all new cowling from the firewall forward. This power upgrade for the Thrush Aircraft also includes the Cascade Pressure Cowl, which has been providing more positive pressure air availability to the engine which lowers ITT temps and a filtration system that not only protects the PT6A engine from the harsh agricultural environments, but is easy to access for service. This STC for the Thrush Aircraft is in addition to the most recent 850SHP STC received by Cascade Aircraft Conversions two years ago for the Air Tractor AT502/502B giving the most popular capacity agricultural aircraft the ability to be more productive. Please contact Scott Kinzer at for more information.

PT6A-41/42 conversion for Thrush Aircraft

PT6A-41/42 conversion for Thrush Aircraft

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