Corr and son travel to Australia

NATA Education Director, Certified S.A.F.E. Analyst Agri-Spray Constulting Web site: agrisprayconsulting.com My

Seven decades of dedication

Sixty-seven years, almost seven decades; three generations, hundreds of annual inspections, thousands

A look back at 2017

At the end of the year, AgAir Update’s December cover story is

Thiel Air Care rises to occasion

“I asked her how close I needed to fly to get the

All in the family

The San Joaquin Valley is situated about a two-hour drive south from

Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel join Macedonia’s wildfire battle

The 2017 summer firefighting season saw many disastrous wildfires raging across the

A Thrush is “reborn”

AgAir Update completes an evaluation flight of the Ultra Thrush It was

Air Tractor AT-802 series marks 25 years & 700 airplanes

When Air Tractor AT-802A, bearing serial #0700 took off last month for

Apocalypse on the plains

The Great Plains of the central United States have seen fire play

Ipanema EMB203 evaluation flight

I have lost count of how many different ag aircraft that I

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