Apocalypse on the plains

The Great Plains of the central United States have seen fire play

Ipanema EMB203 evaluation flight

I have lost count of how many different ag aircraft that I

“hou” it’s done

Husband and wife team Justin and Ashley Houston (pronounced House-ton) build an

T&M Aviation Leading by Example

A little shy of 20 years ago, Ron Wolf found himself at

Thrush Aircraft debuts advanced ag aviation training device

At Thrush Aircraft Company, they believe a well-trained pilot is a better,

A different role for the iconic Huey

A different role for the iconic Huey The distinctive “thwop thwop” of

Doing business the smart way

By Bill Lavender Smart is more than a name for Steph and

2016 – A year in review

January Each year with the December edition, AgAir Update looks back at

Tri-County Ag on display in Colorado

Editor’s Note: Often times, spectacular images appear in the many news feeds

Ag aviation in Maine

Located in the New England region of the United States, Maine is

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