Emphasis on Droplet Spectrum

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Dennis R Gardisser, WRK of Arkansas LLC Sometimes size is a major factor! Pesticide applications are an area where size of the droplet is one of the most important criteria for efficacy and environmental stewardship. Plant or surface physical characteristics,

Georgia Forestry Commission buys two Switchbacks

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Recently, the Georgia Forestry Commission advanced its aerial firefighting program with the purchase of two new 510G Switchback Thrushes. The aircraft were introduced to Georgia Forestry Commission’s Air Operations Supervisor, Clay Chatham, during a Thrush Summer Tour in 2015 by

A Turbine Conversions, Ltd. anuncia aprovação da ANAC brasileira para o Sistema de Abastecimento em Ponto Único para Thrush e Air Tractor

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A Turbine Conversions, Ltd. recebeu o STC (Certificado Suplementar de Tipo) n° 2015S04-03 de ANAC em 11 de abril de 2018 para seu Sistema de Abastecimento de Ponto Único para todos os modelos da Thrush Aircraft e todos modelos da

502XP in rice country

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Ag-Cats have been a mainstay in southwest Louisiana and northern California for many, many years. Short ferries, smaller fields and aircraft familiarity have kept this iconic airframe in service in these parts of the country. The Ag-Cat fleet now is

Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil

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Although the radial engine for an ag-plane in the United States was the mainstay before the advent of turbine powered ag-aircraft, the engine never gained much popularity in Brazil. During the early years of radial engine use in Brazil, obtaining

Brazil state, Goiás, rescinds new buffer zones

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“It was a victory of common sense,” declared Goiás State Representative Lissauer Vieira (PSB) of the exclusion/buffer zone relocation by a 27 to 2 vote to veto Goiás legislation, redesignating distance for exclusion zones for aerial spraying to the original

GE Aviation announces name for advanced turboprop: The GE Catalyst™ engine

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March 7, 2018 – PRAGUE – GE Aviation, which continues its mission to drive innovation in the Business and General Aviation turboprop market, has announced an official name for its Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine. ATP is now the GE Catalyst™

770 Fire Angel poised for Australia

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In December 2017, The Aerotech Group, based in Kent Town, SA Australia, took possession of its new 710P Thrush. The purchase was made through Campbell Briggs of Statewide Aviation, Australia’s Thrush dealer, based in Moree NSW. The aircraft is powered

Corr and son travel to Australia

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NATA Education Director, Certified S.A.F.E. Analyst Agri-Spray Constulting Web site: My son, Carson, and I had the opportunity to spend five weeks in Australia last summer pattern testing aircraft. Everything had been lined up by Adam Hooper, Program Manager

Thrush Aircraft Begins Exploration of Autonomous Air Tanker

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Strategic alliance with Drone America anticipated to yield unmanned solutions to airborne wildfire surveillance and attack – and more. (Albany, GA) The arsenal of airborne tactics available to firefighters and first responders may soon grow significantly as Thrush Aircraft has

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