Donate your GPS data to keep ag pilots safe from UAVs

NAAA sanctions Mississippi State flight research team’s efforts to enhance low-altitude flight safety Currently, there’s no economically feasible way to

NAAA and NAAREF boards review policies and programs at spring meeting

NAAA and the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation (NAAREF) held their spring board meetings Feb. 17–18 at the

The Value of NAAA Membership? Huge

All new and renewing members in 2017 will receive a DVD of

Meet NAAA’s 2017 Leadership Team

The National Agricultural Aviation Association is pleased to announce its 2017 officer

NAAA, 1966–2016: Celebrating 50 Years of Agricultural Aviation Advocacy

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, this year NAAA has been celebrating 50

PAASS program set to begin 19th year of presentations

NAAA and NAAREF’s premiere agricultural aviation program kicks off its 19th season

NAAA succeeds in “hot fueling” acceptance for turbine ag aircraft

In July of 2014 NAAA reported that we had submitted a First

Remain Vigilant About Ag Aviation Security in a Post-9/11 World

Fifteen years ago, this month, the unprecedented terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, triggered a series of actions that pushed

NAAA-pushed marking requirements for towers under 200 feet become Federal Law

After years of tireless work, NAAA is happy to announce that we’ve secured tower marking requirements and an FAA tower

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