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REBTECH Secures STC for Air Tractor 502/504 Series Aircraft

Bedford, TX—REBTECH is pleased to announce the final completion of a night vision compatible conversion of the Air Tractor AT-502, 502A, 502B and AT-504 agricultural spray aircraft. The aircraft is owned and operated by Mr. Dean Heimermann, owner of Countryside

Operating with 50% boom length

By Ike Brunetti / President MsAAA Bolivar County Mississippi operators, including myself, seem to be adjusting with optimism and adapting to the 50% boom length restriction for glyphosate applications imposed by the Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI). I continue

Apocalypse on the plains

The Great Plains of the central United States have seen fire play a role in its history for thousands of years. The vast grasslands emerge from winter with the blanket of fuel cured of moisture by the months of freezing

UPDATE: EPA revised compliance date for WPS

UPDATED INFORMATION JUNE 7, 2017: Thia Walker from Colorado State University clarified​ that the implementation of the ​Worker ​Protection ​​Safety (WPS)​ rule has NOT been officially delayed, regardless of what the Mississippi Dept of Ag has indicated. The letter from

Thrush Aircraft delivers 100th 510G

Major milestone reached as GE-powered agricultural aircraft continues to be a favorite with both pilots and operators worldwide. (Albany, GA) As the Thrush factory’s large delivery hangar doors slid open to begin another day – a new 510G sat at

Six Things You Must Know When Applying Pesticides

Many of you have just earned continuing certification credits and know the many different things that you need to know when applying pesticides. We agree there are many essential things to know, but we will try to simplify with a

One company’s 14th Air Tractor delivered to Costa Rica

As we lined up on the centerline and started bringing the torque up to redline, our journey from Harlingen, Texas (KHRL) to San Jose, Costa Rica (MRPV) in a brand new AT-504 was underway. While acting as PIC, I was

What’s in store for this month

In this month’s edition of AgAir Update, the cover story is about my evaluation flight of Embraer’s redesigned Ipanema EMB203 aircraft. Without hesitation, I can say I enjoyed flying it. The last 20 years of my active career in ag-flying

NAAA ‘Ag Wings of Tomorrow’ Scholarship Program

NAAA ‘Ag Wings of Tomorrow’ Scholarship Program Spreads the Wealth Up to five scholarships, $22,500 in training money available under new scholarship program NAAA is pleased to announce its scholarship program has expanded and will now award up to five

Avoid temperature inversions

What is a temperature inversion, and how does it affect drift? There are many misconceptions and erroneous opinions. Without an inversion, or under normal conditions, the temperature is highest near the ground and decreases as the elevation or altitude increases.

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