Macedonian AT-802A Fire Boss seen following heavy maintenance in Croatia


Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss fire-fighting aircraft, registered Z3-BGU (c/n 802A-0313) is seen here crossing the Croatian state highway DC31 some 10 km south-east of Croatian capital Zagreb in the morning of 20 December. The aircraft was noted while been pulled from the hangars of the Aeronautical Technical Center (Zrakoplovno-Tehnicki Centar, ZTC) maintenance organization located in the city of Velika Gorica to the nearby Zagreb Franjo Tudjman international airport. Having previously passed scheduled annual inspection in ZTC, the aircraft was later that same day flown to its home base, the Skopje Alexander the Great international airport in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate operates a fleet of three Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss fire-fighting aircraft, the other two been Z3-BGT (c/n 802A-0280) and Z3-BGV (c/n 802A-0329).

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