Someone has created a completely innovative and alternative, market-changing guidance system, that is radically different than anything on the market today.  It’s called AgPilotX and it is created by Insero, a 4-year old company based in Tempe, Arizona.

How is AgPilotX different?  Let us count the ways:

Only three components

1. Lightbar, 2. Hub, 3. Apple device – that’s it.  No more mountains of cables and boxes.  System installs in a few hours, not days.  Meters and valves connect directly to the Hub.


The Lightbar, the Hub and the Apple device (the entirety of the system) all use Bluetooth and WiFi for communication.  Plug the Lightbar into power, connect to Insero’s AgPilotX App from the App store (preloaded on all iPad Pros provided by Insero) and go.

Apple enabled

AgPilotX runs through any Apple device.  No more clumsy, expensive terminals that require multiple cables from a CPU and software drivers from a unique and proprietary Operating System that are subject to failures and random disconnects.  Insero leverages Apple in all its products, providing the AgPilotX with Apple iPad Pros.  But realize that AgPilotX can be run through your own device, or from the phone in your pocket, or from your child’s iPod.  Problem with a screen? – go to Walmart and replace it.

App-driven for software

The bad news? – this app is completely different than any software you have ever used in a guidance system.  Wait, that’s the good news.  This is now a simple app that is downloaded from the Apple App store – this is not a convoluted Windows or Linux-based software that is running through a unique and proprietary Operating System.  Everything runs off the mapping screen.  No need to memorize complicated keystrokes or play a guessing game of where you need to go in the menu/setup/keypad/function key layout.  Run everything right from the mapping screen.  And welcome to swiping – if you want to move something on the screen, just press on the screen and move it.  And, get your updates automatically through the Apple App store.  No more worrying if you have the latest software or trying to update products through USB sticks or PCMCIA Cards.

Runs GNSS – Not Restricted to GPS-only

Insero employs both GPS and GLONASS (the Russian satellite system equivalent to GPS).  That way, you double the number of satellites used at any given moment and you are not dependent solely on GPS – which could go off-line for military and/or governmental exercises.  And, you are far less likely to be jammed in certain areas because of frequency collisions.  GLONASS uses a slightly different L-Band frequency for their satellite system, so if GPS is being jammed or completely offline, you’re still working.

GPS/GNSS receiver and antenna integrated into the Lightbar

No more tethering a Lightbar through a CPU to the cockpit canopy or running GPS from a separate computer.  GPS/GNSS is integrated inside the Lightbar and the antenna is part of the Lightbar enclosure.

Real-time tracking

Your Apple device can have a cell modem (optional) that allows you to connect all your data to the cloud.  This offers bi-directional communication – send logs to the cloud and receive shape files and/or work orders directly to your aircraft.  Of course, you always have the option to turn this connection off or simply run a system that is not connected.  If your Apple device is not connected, data is strictly local and recorded on the Lightbar and iPad only – to be downloaded on your computer offline if you wish.  The system works perfectly fine if you always remain completely offline.

Intuitive file system

Log files and job files are one in the same.  No more running multiple logs for one particular job or work order, and no more wondering what log goes to what job.  We have merged logs and jobs to avoid future confusion.  Create and name a job or work order, and then reopen that same file every time you return to it.  And, polygons or shape files can be added to any log/job for ease of use and better organization.

Background maps

No more guessing where you are.  As long as you are connected, you will see background imagery everywhere you go.  Even if you disconnect, you can cache maps for areas where there is no/poor cell coverage.

Do it yourself boundary files and waypoints

You can create your own boundary files simply by pressing on the screen.  When connected (or if maps are cached), you can see and use the existing imagery to draw your own boundaries of a field.  Or, just use the imagery to drop waypoints for landing strips or simply to get quick guidance to any particular point or area.

Drop a quick flag

If you see something and want to drop a flag for a note, just press a button.  The system is intuitive and has the pilot’s safety in mind.

And, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the usefulness of the on-board iPad.  If you want to run some other app like Foreflight, or a weather app, just get it from the Apple App store and go.  You can run them side by side with Insero’s AgPilotX.

AgPilotX is the first aerial application product by Insero.  It should not be confused with any products from existing GPS companies.  Insero now exclusively handles only Insero products.  No other guidance product lines are sold by Insero.  Please contact Greg Guyette or Anthony Fay for additional product details.  Greg Guyette and Anthony Fay represent Insero exclusively and are not affiliated with any other companies.