BOISE, Idaho, September 13, 2019 – AeroLEDs’ integrated WigWag pattern for enhanced anti-collision visibility.

AeroLEDs’ continues to take full advantage of LED capabilities with the integrated WigWag feature contained in various models of their aviation lighting products. Since LEDs offer the advantage of instantaneous ‘ON’, it provides a very immediate and distinct visual cue to other aircraft and birds and thereby potentially reducing the risk of air to air collisions and bird strikes.

AeroLEDs lights dissipate minimal heat and, unlike legacy lighting, are unaffected by continuous on/off cycles associated with WigWag operation. Since LEDs are solid-state, they are vibration and shock resistant and have an anticipated service life of over 30,000 hours of operation, eliminating the cost of frequent light replacements. Additionally, while in the WigWag or Pulse mode the lights draw half the current.

Driven by the desire to reach new heights in performance and function, AeroLEDs set out in 2005 to redefine the expectations of aviation lighting. AeroLEDs introduced the world’s first all-LED-based aircraft lights, forever changing the aerospace lighting market and raising the standard for performance and quality.