Aero Turbine Components Inc. (Aero) has established a series of unique options for PT-6 operators and maintenance facilities.

Utilizing either standard overhaul manual or DER “Specialized Repairs” Aero offers Repair ,Overhaul or Exchange options for your PT-6 Hot Section Components.  When needed using DER “Specialized Repairs” on components that may have been deemed unrepairable using standard overhaul manual operations, these parts may now be repaired with considerable savings in time and money.

“Repair” We will repair your component to serviceable condition (HSI limits). This is typically done in two to five days for most repairs.

“Overhaul” We will overhaul your component using overhaul technical data. This is typically done in five to ten days.

“Exchange” We will Exchange your component after yours is received and inspected. You will get your part back quickly and there is no up charge for the exchange. You will be charged only for the Overhaul cost of your core.

Aero Overview :

Aero Turbine is FAA and EASA certified and has been in business since 2004, focusing on cost saving repairs, overhauls and exchanges on PT6 hot section components. Aero’s staff has extensive experience including Engine overhaul and build experience which shows evident in their PT-6 component repair business. They have designed and accomplished thousands of high quality repairs since 1989.