Our ag aviation program consists of 40 hours of flight time. The 40-hour flight course consist of 15 hours of flight training in a Cessna 170 and 25 hours of flight training in one of our six Pawnees. All flight training is done by an experienced ag pilot. 

There are three requirements before entering this program; you must have your private pilot’s license, your tailwheel endorsement and a high performance endorsement. While in the Ag Aviation School you can stay in the free student dorm room, have local access to grocery stores, free Internet and a restaurant on site. What makes our aviation program stand out from others is that we offer training on a 3,000-acre working farm and crop dusting business. 

We now offer a continuing education program for those who want to own/operate their own business in ag spraying, which would include; selling you a plane, maintenance on the plane and mentoring from Kiman Kinsgley while you build your business. See us at booth #329 in Savannah.