Drift Reduction Agents (DRAs) come as polymers, invert emulsions, vegetable polymers, and emulsifiers. Polymer types are thickeners and are susceptible to pump shear. Invert emulsions are tricky and can be unreliable. Vegetable polymers are thickeners but not as thick as other polymers, and are more resistant to pump shear. Emulsion types are the newest technology and function over the broadest range of applications. Drift-fiant™ is hybrid technology with a patented twist—a vegetable polymer which is synergized with an emulsification system.

The results are a supreme drift-reduction agent that reduces fines without increasing large “bounce off” droplets, which increases deposition on the leaf by about 15% over the best competitor. AgraSyst has combined Drift-fiant’s™ technology with other products for increased convenience including: 

  • AgraSyst Lo-Drift 90™: Our blended NIS, with Drift-fiant™ inside the formulation.
  • Full Load Complete™: Our do everything adjuvant—Premium  surfactants, water conditioning, Drift reduction and Volatility reduction.

Full Load Complete™ has been our one stop shop for our spray adjuvants. It is convenient and easy to use.  It’s nice to have everything in one jug.  We can really see the difference in drift reduction out of the back of the plane”.

Fred Meise

 North West Ag

 Moses Lake, WA