AgriData, Inc. is excited to introduce weather information into both their Surety® and Surety® Pro software subscriptions. This weather information is seamlessly integrated within the popular application reports used by applicators across the country. “One of the biggest requests we have is for weather information to automatically populate into the application forms” states AgriData, Inc’s Project Manager, Chad Ringenberg. “Being able to bring in accurate weather data from a trusted provider, such as DTN, adds a ton of value to our software and is extremely convenient for applicators to add weather information to their records.” 

Using this weather data is easy. Applicators can simply click on the Get Weather button on their application forms to have the Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Cloud Cover populate automatically. Ringenberg adds, “This dataset opens up many possibilities including adding forecasts to help determine spray window dates. We can’t wait to hear feedback from our amazing customers regarding these features.”

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