Savannah, GA – In addition to marking the 25th anniversary of its model AT-802 aircraft, Air Tractor, Inc. is demonstrating its new electrocoat primer system and displaying a variety of new products this week at the National Agricultural Aviation Association annual convention in Savannah, Georgia.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the AT-802 series, an airplane that has taken on many roles beyond that of aerial spraying for high-yield agriculture. The airplane’s excellent flying qualities and handling characteristics have made it popular for a wide variety of specialized applications, including aerial firefighting, fertilizing and reseeding forests, applying dispersant on oil spills, hauling fuel to remote villages, counternarcotics operations, security and reconnaissance missions, and other specialized jobs. Visitors to the Air Tractor exhibit area can view an AT-802A ag plane and an AT-802F air tanker.

The two 802 series airplanes are joined by the Air Tractor’s newest airplane, the 867 horsepower, 500-gallon payload 502XP. Interest and sales of the airplane have been strong since its introduction at the 2015 NAAA convention. The airplane is designed to excel in high/hot conditions which allows it to carry a full load all day, every day.

Located in the center of the Air Tractor static airplane displays is a working, small-scale Aerocron™ electrocoat primer system. During the Convention Trade Show, the e-coat machine will be producing electrocoated aluminum Christmas ornaments for visitors to the Air Tractor exhibit. The e-coat primer process, developed by PPG Aerospace, represents a quantum leap forward in corrosion protection for aluminum airplane parts. Air Tractor is the first U.S. aerospace OEM to utilize this technology.

New Air Tractor product offerings can also be viewed at several stations in the Air Tractor exhibit area. One station features Air Tractor factory-installed avionics and instruments. Two working cockpit instrument panels are on display as examples of the ag and firefighting avionics packages now offered by the Avionics Shop at Air Tractor.

A second product station presents a Kawak 3-lever throttle quadrant. It is now available as an option on all models of Air Tractor aircraft.

Air Tractor’s new XFLOW air filter system can also be seen at the Air Tractor exhibit. This new filter system is designed for Air Tractor operators who work environments with ultra-fine dust and particulates and who want maximum protection for their Pratt & Whitney turbine engine.

Air Tractor representatives will be on hand to answer questions about these products and the Air Tractor airplanes on display. The NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Trade Show is open Tuesday at 12:00 – 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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About Air Tractor
At its Olney Texas manufacturing facilities, Air Tractor produces a line of nine aircraft that includes 400, 500, 600 and 800-gallon capacity planes powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engines. They are used for agricultural purposes, fire fighting, narcotic crop eradication, fuel-hauling, fighting locust plagues, and cleaning up oil spills in coastal waters. From North, South and Central America, to Australia, Indonesia and China to Spain, Italy, Croatia and Africa, Air Tractor aircraft can be found in more than 30 countries around the world and are supported by a global network of Air Tractor dealers.


Air Tractor’s new electrocoat primer system maximizes paint adhesion, provides a superior finish and superior corrosion protection for aluminum aircraft parts. A working, small-scale e-coat system is on display at NAAA Ag Aviation Expo 2017.