Do you require hands-on experience to make a purchase? Take the guesswork out of adding to your current fleet or replacing a single workhorse by scheduling a demo flight in “The Beast”, our 510 Thrush featuring a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 AG powerplant.

The Beast will be available for test flights at Stokes Flying Service in Earle, AR until December 5, 2019. This monster aircraft from Mid-Continent boasts an 867 horsepower Covington Aircraft-provided engine with a conversion by Cascade Aircraft Conversions. Every Cascade engine conversion includes the Cascade Pressure Cowl, independently tested to reduce ITT and improve power under every operating condition.

To sign up for a test flight, stop by the Mid-Continent booth at the 2019 NAAA Ag Expo in Orlando, FL Nov 18-21 for a form to receive pre-test flight insurance approval. For additional scheduling information contact Dennie Stokes at 870-636-2755.