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  • 360-degree cameras?

    360-degree cameras?0

    While most of you, at least in the northern hemisphere, are buckling down working through the peak of the spray season, I’m sitting here in 95°F heat in Georgia planning for a 16-day trip to Brazil and Uruguay. I’ll get a break from the heat with these countries being in their winter. But, the last

  • $1,500 a Pound?0

    I was steak shopping the other day at the local butcher shop. I noted the price of the filet mignon at a staggering $22.99 a pound. Well, at least you are not paying for the weight of the bone. In the meat tray next to the filet was very nice and inviting center cut thick

  • LATN – What is it?

    LATN – What is it?0

    LATN – What is it?  I look back on May with sadness. Two U.S. ag-operators lost their sons; one in a general aviation aircraft and the other in an Air Tractor. Ironically, this edition of AgAir Update features a father and two sons from Brazil with ag-operations and an aerobatic team. In 2015, the father

  • Addressing a Necessity

    Addressing a Necessity1

    When there is a demand for an improvement in this industry, there always seems to be somebody that is willing to take on the challenge. That is exactly what Jim Mills of Aero Innovations has done (the same Jim Mills of Turbines, Inc.). Jim visualized a need for a replacement turbine engine on the 510G.