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  • Active season, reduced contracts0

    Most areas of the country have experienced a spring that has been much colder and wetter than normal. April snow was common with many locations breaking records for both low temperatures and heavy precipitation. This has not been the case in the Southern Plains and desert Southwest where severe drought set up over the winter

  • Getting the job done0

    By the time you read this, the 2016 summer fire season will be just a few short weeks from being over. Overall, the season has been very slow with both acres burned and the amount of fires well below the 10-year averages. It is hard to show that it is slow in fire aviation where

  • Living the dream0

    Often, I am asked, “What is it like to be a SEAT pilot?” My reply usually is, “I have the best job in the world”. Believe me when I say that this life is not for everyone. Extended periods of time are spent away from home, and often one wakes up in the morning and