In addition to the already traditional lines of GPU’s/external sources and turbine washing machines,

Aviosul Indústria Aeronáutica, will be launching at the web congress/29th MERCOSUR Congress of Agricultural Aviation a new portable external source model. It is the CSP 1.3-28v (Compact Starter Power), equipped with modern lithium batteries, and it weighs only 10.8kg total, including the input and output cables. This unit will come mounted in a case/case, made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, with a total size of 37x27x26cm.

Always aiming at technological innovations and reduction of dimensions, the new external source from Aviosul, already comes with an automatic system of “storage/storage” incorporated, this system aims to increase the useful life of the batteries and solve a big problem that is the ” seasonality” of aircraft operations in agricultural aviation. The new system, when its use is necessary, will adjust the batteries to the best voltage/current condition, so that the source can be stored/stored, when not used for periods exceeding 15 days.

As the operators of external sources/GPU’s are aware, the units that are provided with “rechargeable” batteries, when not used for long periods, or are inoperative for more than 15 days, suffer damage/malfunction in their cells, which causes an internal process of “cellular hardening”, making it difficult to store energy in cells. This new system, which is already incorporated in the CSP 1.3-28 model, will provide the best control condition, not requiring the presence of the aircraft to carry out the load/unload cycles.