The SwathPRO Aerial Application System from CapstanAG gives ag pilots individual nozzle control previously unattainable in aerial application.  SwathPRO provides the pilot with ability to switch from one boom nozzle setup to another without landing the plane.  The SwathPRO system utilizes CapstanAG Systems Inc., Pulse Width Modulation solenoid at each nozzle station controlled by in cockpit user display.  The CapstanAG patented technology, pilot feedback, and industry knowledge in flow distribution brings a new spray system to the aerial industry focused on pilot safety, application accuracy and drift mitigation.

Based in Topeka, Kansas, CapstanAG is no stranger to liquid application.  Since 1994, CapstanAG has specialized in pressure control & flow distribution on self-propelled sprayers, creating the patented Pulse Width Modulation technology which has become a standard in the industry.  

Since the debut of SwathPRO at the 2018 NAAA convention in Reno, CapstanAG has successfully installed systems on multiple Air Tractors across the US. Significant milestones reached with the SwathPRO system include 1.5 million acres covered in the past three years, cockpit integration with controllers, and Auto Mode controls the flow control valve to keep the pressure constant regardless of speed or rate changes. Coupled with the PWM solenoid valve, Auto Mode provides the proper flow distribution of liquid.  

As described by one of the SwathPRO pilots, “I now have an auto tip changer as I go through the field.”

Another pilot says, “I am more accurate, with less drift than I have ever been”…“SwathPRO makes my job safer and easier with no drift claims.”

Air Tractor continues to support and work closely with CapstanAG and the SwathPRO system, as CapstanAG is currently engaged with the FAA for STC approval.  Soon the SwathPRO system will be offered as an option on your new Air Tractor.  CapstanAG is firmly committed to this process, and investing in further advances for SwathPRO to benefit ag pilots.  CapstanAG has a team of engineers and technical specialists who provide on-site service and support.  

Please visit CapstanAG at the NAAA Expo in Savannah to learn more.

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