• Doing it Well

    Doing it Well0

    In the 1950s, Harley and Clara Wells settled into a small farmhouse just outside of Holdrege, Nebraska. Harley had begun learning how to fly in 1954 in a Cessna 120, all the while aspiring to be an aerial applicator. Harley readied his dream and, in 1958 purchased his first agricultural aircraft, a CallAir. Harley Wells

  • Hi-Tech Training

    Hi-Tech Training0

    “We’re not teaching you how to be an ag-pilot. You already know how to do that” comments Jason Wolcott to a student as the student is starting the cutting-edge Air Tractor simulator at the Turbine Training Center offices in Manhattan, Kansas. “I’m going to put you in scenarios that every ag-pilot will face, at some

  • Woolard Flying Service

    Woolard Flying Service0

    Matt Woolard Continues Family Operation Matt Woolard was born and raised in agriculture, amongst the farm fields of Corning, Arkansas. Early on, Matt knew he wanted something a little different, but he wasn’t exactly sure what that was. His questions were soon answered when Matt met Cindy Coleman, daughter of Roy Coleman. Roy was a

  • Newfound Direction

    Newfound Direction0

    KayDee Mitchell goes from 0 time to Ag Time. So what do you want to be when you grow up? Pick a major, pick a school or make a decision that many argue a recent high school graduate, destined for college, simply cannot make. Some make it past the college-high school hurdle to find themselves


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