• Pilot Safety Videos Available on Demand on NAAA Website0

    NAAREF, NAAA’s sister organization, has produced several high-quality educational, safety and training videos over the years. Typically, the videos aired at a specific PAASS Program or safety session at NAAA’s convention, and usually that was that. People who were unable to attend those functions were unable to take advantage of the material presented. No longer.

  • Appeals Court Strikes Down Registration for Recreational UAVs0

    The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals this week ruled that FAA’s registration requirement for recreational UAVs contradicts the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act, the last FAA authorization enacted into law. The 2012 bill prohibits the FAA from regulating model aircraft “flown strictly for hobby or recreational use” if that aircraft weighs no more than

  • NAAA ‘Ag Wings of Tomorrow’ Scholarship Program0

    NAAA ‘Ag Wings of Tomorrow’ Scholarship Program Spreads the Wealth Up to five scholarships, $22,500 in training money available under new scholarship program NAAA is pleased to announce its scholarship program has expanded and will now award up to five flight training scholarships a year under the new NAAA “Ag Wings of Tomorrow” Scholarship Program.

  • Donate your GPS data to keep ag pilots safe from UAVs0

    NAAA sanctions Mississippi State flight research team’s efforts to enhance low-altitude flight safety Currently, there’s no economically feasible way to completely protect pilots from UAVs. But NAAA is constantly working to do so. Now, we need the help of our operator readers to potentially protect your pilots from unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2016, NAAA began

  • NAAA and NAAREF boards review policies and programs at spring meeting0

    NAAA and the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation (NAAREF) held their spring board meetings Feb. 17–18 at the Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, Va. More than a hundred board and committee members traveled to the nation’s capital region to deliberate on a wide range of important issues. The 2017 NAAA/Syngenta Leadership Training Program, also

  • The Value of NAAA Membership? Huge0

    • NAAA
    • February 3, 2017

    All new and renewing members in 2017 will receive a DVD of NAAA’s 50th anniversary documentary This past year—NAAA’s 50th anniversary—represents another year in which the association has further strengthened the agricultural aviation industry. NAAA was instrumental in urging Congress to enact legislation requiring marking and a federal database for towers under 200 feet. This