Dynanav Systems Inc. Introduced their new HUD (Heads Up Display) system at the Reno NAAA show. Needless to say, the DynaFlight-HUD had a resounding positive response from all that had an opportunity to see it in operation and, many of the pilots can not wait until they get the opportunity to operate the HUD in their aircraft.

To present the HUD at the NAAA trade show, we used the real flight video capture along with actual flight data to play back both the projected video along with the HUD in actual operation. This real-world presentation was able to show the pilots how the actual projected guidance image, way out into the far image space, was a huge advantage for both pilot safety as well as extremely accurate guidance and control of his operations. The Flight Guidance is based on our existing DynaFlight navigation Guidance Display that was originally designed for HUD operations in the aircraft. Our DynaFlight Guidance system is a tried and true technology solution in the Air Agricultural world for over 20 years.

All primary operations of the system are done with the TopHat and Enter switch mounted on the DynaGrip pilots grip that we supply with the system. As such the pilot can change customers, start or recall jobs, have a live moving map, etc. all in the HUD guidance display. Important information such as ground speed, flow information, total acres,  etc. are projected out in front of the aircraft for safe operations. We also have the full moving map and touchscreen operations on our DynaFlight touchscreen computer.

One of the biggest unique, first ever, advantage of the DynaNav HUD display is that the image is projected effectively parallel to the ground. As such the pilot can fly down our projected road way just as if he were flying down the middle of a country road with the painted centerline.

All of our products; the DynaFlight 3, the DynaFlight-HUD and the Vektor MAX light bar system, have a major advantage in that there are no remote boxes to install. The touchscreen computer has all of the technology built in, including; GPS, Computer processor, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, and SkyNet aircraft to aircraft communications, etc. Further to this, the Vektor MAX has the Flow Controller built into this touchscreen computer. Of course, we’ve also had to consider what our Monitor aspect ratio is, so we can make the necessary changes to our display screens so that it’s able to work effectively. Needless to say, the installation is extremely easy and fast to install. Further to this, if there is a problem, there is only one place to look, which extremely reduces the troubleshooting time. In a few minutes, by changing this one component and exchanging the SD Card, the pilot can be fully operational exactly where he left off with all the computer settings untouched.

Although other GPS manufacturers claim ease of use, until you experience our DynaNav products, you will not know what it really means, just ask our pilots that fly our systems.

To find out more about our Ag Aviation leading technology including other products, visit our website as well as call us at our office. www.dynanav.com or 877-333-9626.