DynaNav is announcing at the 2019 NAAA tradeshow in Orlando, FL that they are integrating Icom IDAS LTE communications technology into their product line. The IP501/VE-PG4 system offers secure global, high-quality, high-priority, GPS-tracked, data-enabled voice communications over a dedicated Icom-managed LTE (4G)/3G network. Featuring direct tie-in capability with most pre-existing comm systems and DynaNav navigation technology, fleets can now be outfitted with this next-gen solution.

The revolutionary IDAS, using IP501 and VE-PG4 systems, offer global voice communications and digital data transfer over LTE (4G)/3G.
• Communicate anywhere in the world with LTE (4G)/3G coverage with <1s lag-time
• Full duplex communication (talk and listen simultaneously)
• No end-user infrastructure required; all networks managed by Icom
• Integrates with most pre-existing systems, like IP phones and RF radios
• High-priority network status ensures your calls are never dropped
• Low fixed monthly cost with unlimited usage

Private and secure: Unlike conventional radio channels, nobody can listen in on an IDAS channel.
• You’re in control of authorising devices on your network to talk to each other
• Easily place individual, group, or all-device calls
• You can break into ongoing calls with important information

Data enabled: Transmit job data directly to and from aircraft 100% privately.
• Remote-login capable for troubleshooting fleet, even while flying

GPS monitored: Geo-referenced location tracking between devices and the office.
• Know where your crew members are, always

DynaNav, now with Icom: Simple by design…flexible in application.