Eagle Vistas promotes Agricultural Pilot Minimum Standards for new Ag Pilots. This is an effort to improve the safety and professional level for new agricultural pilots. Ask our graduates about us. We train from 0 Time, Private, Commercial, Instrument, Fixed Wing, Helicopter Ag Pilot, & Turbine Transitions available. Located in Inverness, FL. 

We utilize a Cessna 305E-L19 with constant speed prop and Continental 0470-15 with power to train under simulated conditions, equipped with a spray handle, a Bantam GPS/lightbar, and smoke for drift study.  Ag Training also includes a Single Place Pawnee, Dual AgCat., & Turbine Transition options available.

Ask about our Exclusive Eagle Vistas Ag Pilot Slalom Course which allows us to provide supervised solo practice in a controlled environment with options for practical lessons: emergency jettison, counting rows, initial swathing, and GPS with swathing.

See eaglevistas.com for our videos. Booth 909