From Jason Glynn, Director of Operations for Era Helicopters: Era Helicopters is currently the attached photo and corresponding information. Jason, the Director of Operations for Era Helicopters advised that the company is currently flying power line inspections year-round in the LA, MS, AR and TX regions in EC135 helicopters. They are trying to educate the Agricultural Air Operators Community of what they are doing so there are no surprises if you do see them.

Last month, they had a near mid-air scenario in Mississippi with an Air Tractor. After investigating and getting a better understanding of our operations, they wanted to put out a memo to advise all Ag Operator/Pilots of their intentions. They have asked us to pass this information and their contact info to all the operators, pilots, etc within out state to help heighten the awareness.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Glynn at the information below.

Jason Glynn
Director of Operations
Era Helicopters
Mobile #1: +1 985 637 3593
Mobile #2: +1 337 965 8862