Farr Air opened its doors in 2000, flying a Weatherly 620B aircraft out of Lewvan.  In an interview, Jeff Farr, the owner of the aerial application company, said he didn’t realize they were approaching a milestone, but a lot of things have changed throughout the years.

The business was officially started 20 years ago, but Farr’s connection to both aircraft and farming started way before that.  “I used to farm with my dad and my brother. And we hired aircraft spraying ever since we were just little kids. So we’ve been around aircraft for many years. And my grandfather and my three uncles were pilots as well. So aviation has been around our family for a long time, I just didn’t start flying until 20 years ago,” said Farr.

Farr had firsthand experience with crop air spraying operations since his early years. Back then, with less technology in the aircraft, they marked for the planes and helped with the machines. After a while, the family decided to buy an aircraft for farm use and Farr stepped forward to fly it. That’s when the Farr Air history began, and from there it just kept growing. Farr eventually sold the farm and made aerial crop spraying his “full-time passion and the career.”

They started with one spraying plane and now Farr Air runs a fleet of seven aerial application aircraft across southern Saskatchewan. Plane engines have changed bigtime throughout these years.

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