When spray season gets busy, Flight Plan Online helps you keep control. It’s a better way to organize and complete spray jobs. It helps you communicate effectively, be more efficient, and spray more acres.

With Flight Plan Online, you can offer customers an easy way to create jobs. The user-friendly design will have them making maps and work orders, fast. They can even include adjacent crops and hazards near the field. Email alerts let them track jobs, without calling you for updates.

One of our most powerful tools is the Master Map. Whether you have a few jobs, or a few hundred, you get a clear overview to create manageable batches and schedule them for spraying. It’s easy to upload field boundaries into your guidance system. Our Mobile View lets pilots open batches on the fly, select a job, and automatically record completion information. 

Flight Plan Online helps you reduce risk. It flags sensitive areas on pilot maps. The maps give a clear view of fields and nearby landmarks where you’ll be flying, so you spray the right field. All work orders are kept online, so they can’t get lost.

If you want to offer as-applied maps to customers, there’s no easier way. You can also create application reports and invoices the same day you spray!

We’re honored by all of the aerial applicators who choose Flight Plan Online year after year. They tell us they love how easy it is to use, and how we put customer service first. To see it for yourself, go to www.agrismartis.com or call us at 1-800-890-6945.