CONTROL DUO contains a premium nonionic surfactant blend and a spray drift mitigation system.

• CONTROL DUO is a one-of-a-kind, multi-functional combination of a premium nonionic surfactant (NIS) system and CONTROL WM™, providing superior drift mitigation and deposition for use with any pesticide.
• CONTROL DUO contains a unique surfactant system that produces less fine droplets than most other surfactants.
• CONTROL DUO contains a polymer blend that many research and field trials have proven to increase pesticide deposition.
• CONTROL DUO provides deeper canopy penetration and a two-fold increase in spray retention while significantly reducing evaporation, allowing more pesticide uptake from the moist spray deposit.
• CONTROL DUO is compatible with all versions of glyphosate and an approved drift reduction adjuvant (DRA).
• CONTROL DUO is an excellent value for the applicator, dealer, and grower to improve performance and increase profits.