Dear Aerial Applicator:

This is your invitation to participate in this year’s agricultural fly-in clinics sponsored by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Cooperative Extension and the Georgia Aerial Applicators Association.  These will be held at two locations to allow all interested pilots an opportunity to participate.  Make note of these dates on your calendars if you plan to attend. We will be testing liquid systems on the first day at Americus. We will be measuring droplet sizes and swath width of your aircraft. Also, if no one replies for the testing of dry application equipment at Americus Fly-In we will not be there. If you would like to be tested for dry and will not be able to attend this location, please call and we will make arrangements.

Cost of checking aircraft will be $125.00 per aircraft liquid and $125.00 per aircraft dry.  The GAAA will pay one $125.00 fee for one aircraft for its paid members. Please bring verification that you are a current paid member of GAAA.  The fee will entitle the aircraft to be checked up to 3 times at each fly-in. This fee covers expendable items, such as dye, string, water sensitive cards, equipment repairs and replacement of equipment needed to conduct these clinics plus the salary of paid employees.  If you are not a member of GAAA, please make check payable to the University of Georgia and bring to the fly-in clinic.

Three commercial re-certification credit hours for flying pattern tests and one credit hour for participating in the planned presentation will be given. ONLY pilots that actually fly the planes can get 3 credits. S.A.F.E. certification will be offered for participating at these clinics.

March 23 (liq) March 24 Americus, GA Airport (KACJ)

March 24 (dry) Americus, GA Airport

March 30 (liq) March 31 Donalsonville, GA

No time schedule will be made for aircraft.  It works best if we simply let pilots fly in, brief them, and let them sign an order sheet and take them in the order signed in.  Personnel will be available on the site to discuss results of the test.  Dry material operators must come with fertilizer in the hopper or make arrangements for material at the site.  Each dry analysis will take about 200 pounds.  Dye for liquid pattern tests will be furnished.  Your system should be clean of all pesticides, operable and contain 100 gallons of plain water. Please email or fax the enclosed form so we can have activities well organized. We will not conduct the dry clinic if no one replies.  If you have questions, please contact call (229)386-3520 or FAX (229)386-3958 or Email  We look forward to working with you.