Reabe Aircraft Improvement announced the development of a Hopper Quantity Cockpit Display which is Night Vision friendly.

“For seven years we have had a Red LED Display, however, because night vision goggles work in the infrared wave length, red is a difficult color to filter out,” said Jeff Reabe, “therefore we have developed a Green LED display which is easier for night vision goggles to filter out,” he continued.

Reabe Aircraft Improvement further explained that while the new Green Display is very dim at night; it also is 50% brighter in daylight. The Green Display is a direct replacement for the Red Display as a minor alteration.

If you have interest in upgrading your aircraft with the new Night Vision friendly Green Display, Contact Reabe ·Aircraft Improvement at or visit us at

About Reabe Aircraft Improvement:
Reabe Aircraft Improvement was founded in 1991 to develop solutions for our operating company; REABE SPRAYING SERVICE (founded 1979). The roots of this company can be traced back to Reabe Flying Service (Incorporated in 1945 by Roy W. Reabe}.

All of our products are developed for use in our family’s fleet of Air Tractors and helicopters. As fellow operators see our products and ask if they too can use them, we then offer them for market.

Our main specialization is agricultural aircraft improvements. Our ideas for new products come from our highly skilled and experienced pilots and mechanics. When we see a need or short fall in any of our aircraft we fix it. We carry this over to all our aircraft. Ever want more cargo space in an Aztec? Check out what we did.