Isolair is pleased this year to have and show a newly built Bell Huey with the new 3900-205/UH1 Spray System.

We have gotten one off STC approval and paperwork is going to the FAA in two weeks for the multiple STC Approval.

We have been very busy with many new H-125 systems both wet and dry for mosquito control and spraying in China.

The updated STC for the H-125 is into the FAA, the new tank is 185 gallons, up from 165 gallons.

Also with everything being so busy we are soon getting back on the STC for the Bell Long Ranger, Isolair 3900-206L Spray System.

We are pushing ahead with the new 3900-505 Spray System. 185 gallon tank with forward mount booms. We are completed with test fitting and have the design done. Have to make a few minor changes then start flight testing. The Bell 505 is proving to be a good working utility machine taking the place of the Jet Ranger with a competitive price.

I have been very interested in the UAV market for years and still have high hopes for 100 plus gallon drone. We are dedicated to the spray market and the AG Operator.