Mid-Continent is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Aviat Aircraft Inc as the newest distributor for the Aviat Husky, “America’s favorite taildragger.”

“Each piece of metal and plastic, every rivet, every bolt, every nut and screw is formed, shaped, assembled and inspected by a dedicated crew of skilled individuals who strive for excellence in all they do. Every person at Aviat Aircraft posses a passion for perfection and a tenacity for teamwork that results in the world’s finest aircraft.  Every one of the thousands of steps taken to build an Aviat Aircraft is scrutinized by one of four full-time  inspectors who settle for nothing less than perfection.  There are no shortcuts to quality.”
Contact our aircraft sales team for more information about how to purchase your Husky today.

Danny Helms – Aircraft Sales | Aviat Husky Regional Sales Director
Mobile (870) 634-6988
Office (800) 325-0885

Stan Hunter – Aircraft Sales
Mobile (270) 994-1304
Office (800) 359-0885