Neal Aircraft is inviting you to explore its new website. After many months of hard work and dedication from our team at Neal Aircraft, we are pleased to announce the launch of our updated website!

Our primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user friendly and responsive site that works across all platforms and devices. Specifically, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about technical solutions for their particular application or industry not only at their desk but on mobile devices.

We updated the site with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users to quickly and easily navigate the site. New features include:

  • Look Ahead Navigation to reduce the number of clicks to navigate the site.
  • Rapid Response Functionality allowing the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • NEW**Aircraft Valuator allows us to provide you a fair market price for your aircraft.

We are proud to announce the Aircraft Valuator, a new feature to the site that is simple and easy to use. The aircraft market is ever changing. As an aircraft owner, monitoring the value of your aircraft, for financing, whether re-financing, sale-or to verify hull value for insurance coverage, you will need to have your aircraft appraised. The Neal Aircraft Valuator will help you get started on that path and will ensure you have the most accurate and lender acceptable valuation.