A new generation of Air Tractor’s Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) is on display this week at the National Agricultural Aviation Association Ag Aviation Expo Trade Show in Reno, Nevada. Located next to the Air Tractor AT-802F Fire Boss, the new Gen III FRDS offers a number of major improvements. It is 260 pounds lighter and offers 25 percent increased flow rate over the Gen II FRDS.

According to Air Tractor, the Gen III is a remarkably simple system with minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike the hydraulic Gen II FRDS, the Gen III is an all-electric design with about 30 percent fewer components. The gate box has the same installation footprint and aerodynamic fairings as the Gen II FRDS. It has a simplified hinge system and door design and a fully mechanical EDUMP system.

In terms of performance, the lighter weight of the Gen III FRDS is an important improvement. There is very little obstruction of flow, which results in 25% improved flow rate through the aluminum gate box. The Gen III is available with the compact, multi-function DataVault controller that fits in a 3.5-inch instrument panel hole. The DataVault controller is available as a controller only, or with built-in advanced, real-time telemetry (tracking) with satellite communications and data logging functions that meet USFS/NAFC specifications.

Air Tractor reports that two Gen III pilot systems are in service now. An STC is expected soon.

For more information, contact Air Tractor or your Air Tractor dealer.