On Thursday night, the Acadia Parish Police Jury launched aerial application for mosquito control.
“Beginning on September 3 and lasting until the entire parish is sprayed, approximately two to three nights, Acadia Parish will spray all 420,000 acres with Dibrom utilizing twin engine planes flown by Vector Disease Control,” said Police Jury President Chance Henry.

The RFP (request for proposals) process yielded two bids which were then scored. The contract was awarded to Vector Disease Control.
“We definitely understand the frustration regarding the length of time it took for spraying to be approved and for planes to be in the air,” Henry continued.
“Because this was the first time the parish led this operation, there were an inordinate amount of hurdles to clear to approve — including flight paths with the FAA, insecticides, RFP and bidding processes, etc. It is bureaucracy at its best. I wish we could just fill some crop dusters and turn ’em loose, unfortunately, it is not that easy.

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