Compare any system to Mixmate. That is all we ask. Mixmate offers features not available in any other system at any price. Mixmate is optimized for speed, accuracy, and price.  LOAD A PLANE EVERY FIVE MINUTES!

The simple plumbing lowers cost and is easier to maintain. Mix multiple products simultaneously for speed with accurate flowmeters and scales.

Bruce Van Beek of R & M Spraying said: “I’m impressed with the accuracy of the meters.” Bruce is using a Mixmate system featuring the Mixmate Pro Inductor and a Flow Super Stack with 14 bulk inputs. The Super Stack gives the lowest cost per input connection and was built especially for aerial applicators. Tracking products from many sources is much easier with the additional inputs to the Mixmate system. Bruce also said: “We have had huge time savings when processing jugs.” The patent-pending jug process drains, measures, and rinses jugs in about 12 seconds.

Mike Cruce of Cruce Aviation is currently using 8 inputs with a Mixmate Flow Double Stack. A manual inductor is used for the jugs. When very few jugs are used, a manual inductor makes sense. Using as much of your current system as possible keeps system input costs down. Mike said: “Only a few applicators can afford the expensive mixing systems, but most can afford Mixmate.” Also appreciated by Cruce Aviation is the closed system – especially for the insecticides, clean working environment, and automated mixing. Mike said: “Bulk products mixed through the Mixmate Flow system eliminated the worker exposure during mixing.” The loading crew now has time to do the load planning which makes the airplanes more efficient.

Our customers say it takes about the same amount of time to mix and load the chemicals as it takes to refuel. Batches are blended on demand. Batch tanks and premixing are not needed in most cases. It is possible to mix helicopter-size batches in seconds. Loading systems and logistics are simplified when mixes happen quickly as they are needed. Conditions change and premixed batches do not. Mixmate has the flexibility to cover almost any mixing situation. Our inductors are especially good for handling jugs and dry products with automated measurements and records. Existing mixing plants can be modernized with Mixmate’s control systems to give new capabilities and speed. Any Mixmate system can easily be expanded at any time as needed so you are not locked into a fixed configuration.

We invite you to give our Praxidyn Team a call. Mixmate may be just the system you have been looking for! Be more productive . . . save time . . . and stay safe!!!

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