Rantizo is an agtech company using drones to deliver agricultural inputs in fields precisely when and where they are needed. The Rantizo platform uniquely integrates with field imagery data to map and autonomously deliver liquid and dry solutions using drones.

In July 2020, the aerial applications company became the first approved for nationwide drone swarming for spraying.

“Our vision is to Fly & Apply® on large areas with autonomous drone sprayers, so swarming is a critical component,” Rantizo CEO, Michael Ott explained. “Labor shortages in agriculture are a widely discussed topic. Our ability to fly three drones at once moves us closer to full autonomy of operation. This will help solve for the labor requirements needed to feed a growing world population.” 

With a nationwide network of Contractors, Rantizo services are currently available everywhere from California to Pennsylvania with continued expansion planned in 2021.

For more information, contact Rantizo: info@rantizo.com