(Green Bay, WI, October 9, 2020)  Reabe Aircraft Improvement (RAI) today announced it has received the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the 5-inch Reabe Smart Gate

The Reabe Smart Gate is a durable, light weight-30lb system that attains a 3 inch gate opening and can run constant and variable rate application. The system interfaces with all major GPS units. The simplicity of the electric system, 4 components and wiring, limits maintenance and installation time. The STC is great news for the customer because it further streamlines installation procedures and reduces cost, while guarantees FAA product safety and reliability standards.  

Safety is paramount to RAI which is why mechanical redundancy is a key feature of the Reabe Smart Gate. The system allows the lever and all mechanical linkages to remain entirely intact as a secondary system, so the gate may be manually operated by the pilot at any time during flight. The primary purpose of the mechanical redundancy is the added emergency feature it provides, and it ensures that the aircraft can always work on dry application even if a system error occurs. It also provides the benefit of being able to close the gate manually, in flight, after an emergency dump. 

With three successful spray seasons of experience, pilot and mechanic feedback has been vital in Reabe Smart Gate development, leading to unprecedented features. RAI is always working for its customers by constantly making improvements as they strive to make their products customer friendly, simple to use, and dependably safe. RAI takes pride in providing exceptional customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. Visit ReabeAir.com to access manuals, install instructions, and Reabe Gate support videos that detail all features from basic to complex, including variable rate.  

RAI’s vision of developing solutions that move the Ag industry forward in efficiency and safety comes from a line of three generations of ag aviation experience from Reabe Flying Service (incorporated in 1945) to Reabe Spraying Service (founded in 1979).  Reabe Aircraft Improvement is proud to be selling the newest solution to the Ag industry, the STC certified 5-inch Reabe Smart Gate. Visit ReabeAir.com or contact Jeff Reabe for more information. Come see them at 2020 NAAA Convention in Savannah at Booth 716/718.