Letter from Eric Rojek, former Vice-President of Thrush Aircraft.

Dear Friends,

The recent holiday break and start of the New Year was a time for reflection and introspection for me – and it brought me to the decision to leave Thrush Aircraft and accept another excellent opportunity within the ag aviation industry.

Believe me, after some fifteen years here at Thrush – and the wonderful friendships I’ve been lucky enough to build both inside and outside the company, this was not an easy decision. And it was made even more challenging when I thought about the progress the company made during that time, as well as the number of aircraft we were able to put in the field.

I want to thank you, sincerely, for the wonderful support, knowledge and friendships you have been kind enough to share with me during my time at Thrush. None of my past success, nor that of the company, would have been possible without each of you and the work we got to do together. I not only learned a lot but, thanks to you, I received a tremendous amount of personal and professional satisfaction for the progress that was made, the strong relationships that were formed, and the fun we were able to have. Together with you, I believe we made a very real difference in the ag aviation industry, and that is something I will forever be extremely proud of.

I’m happy to report the new leadership team here at Thrush has put the company in a strong position for much improved success, and I’m excited about the future of the company. Most important, I’m stepping away with the best wishes of my teammates here, and I continue to hold everyone in the highest regard – from the front office to the flight line.

Moving forward, I have accepted a position with Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc. I will continue to be based here in Albany, and I’m hopeful I will have the opportunity to stay in touch with you and your operations. It’s an excellent company as you know, and I’m very excited about the future there. I will share my new contact information and such as soon as I’ve gotten settled in, and I look forward to catching-up with you in the weeks to come.

Until then, thank you again for your wonderful support and friendship during these past many years at Thrush, and warmest wishes for much-continued success and safe flying in the years to come.

With best personal regards,

Eric Rojek