S & T Aircraft would like to thank all of our customers for allowing us the opportunity to serve your engine accessory needs. For nearly 40 years we have, strived to provide the best possible support and service to our customers and their accessories. 

We continue to stock a wide variety of accessories for both radial and turbine engines, including starters, magnetos, fuel pumps, carburetors, tach generators, hydraulic pumps, generators, voltage regulators, reverse current relays, starter-generators, prop governors, auxiliary pumps and motors. We aren’t limited to those accessories either. With an Unlimited Class 1 and Class 2 Accessory rating, we can handle all of your accessory needs.

Visit our website at www.st.aero or give us a call at 830-625-7923 for troubleshooting support or to get a quote on overhaul, repair or exchange of your accessory today.