SureFire acquired, via license agreement the Chem-Blade product line.

SureFire has been the market leader in mixing solutions since the release of the QuickDraw Automated Spray Tender in 2014. The addition of the Chem-Blade Enclosed System merges the industry-best solution for automatic measurement of bulk chemicals and the industry-best solution for processing chemical jugs.

“We first saw the Chem-Blade product several years ago,” says Matt Wolters, co-founder, Sure-Fire Ag Systems. “We had developed the QuickDraw product for automated measurement of bulk chemicals. We were working in the same space providing tendering solutions. We started purchasing the Chem-Blade Original knife insert a couple years ago to offer as an accessory to QuickDraw.

The loading efficiency of QuickDraw shines when multiple airplanes are being managed through a single load system. QuickDraw measures, mixes, and loads the airplane in real-time. Premixing and prebatching are eliminated.

QuickDraw uses a Micro-Motion Mass Flow Meter to measure all chemicals as they are loaded directly into the airplane. Mass Flow Measurement technology measures the density of the material in addition to the velocity. This allows it to measure, with extreme accuracy, any material regardless of physical properties.

“When Ethan released the Enclosed System earlier this year, we started visiting more about how we could work together. The completely enclosed and automated processing of jug chemical was the missing piece in our product line at SureFire.”

“This spring we tested the ChemBlade ES with QuickDraw at Sunflower Aero (Atwood, KS) during the spring wheat fungicide run. That experience was tremendous. When you pair the two systems together you can mix any load without any exposure – no splatter, no splash – zero exposure. As is the case with most operators Sunflower uses chemical in totes when possible, however due to availability or working as contractor to other retailers, they also process a lot of jugs. Not only was the process faster and the loaders not exposed to chemical, but the jugs were cleaner and ready for recycling.

In addition to integration of Chem-Blade ES, SureFire is also releasing its 3rd Generation QuickDraw in fall 2019. In addition to a larger (11”) brighter display and the ability to blend multiple carrier products (water/fertilizer/micro nutrients, QuickDraw 3000 features the new QuickDraw Cloud. QuickDraw Cloud provides exchange of work order and as-loaded records with work order management software. AgSync will be the first 3rd party connection available eliminating the need for loaders to manager paper load sheets.