• Air Tractors Buzz the Skies

    Air Tractors Buzz the Skies0

    THE sky was abuzz with the sound of low flying aviators near York recently as granular fertiliser was applied before the forecasted rains were due to hit the area. Two yellow coloured Air Tractors were in operation – skimming the trees and dropping in low over the paddocks – with New Zealand-born pilots Cameron Shaw

  • Wire strikes: An Agricultural Aviation Hazard

    Wire strikes: An Agricultural Aviation Hazard0

    A Robinson R44 helicopter striking a powerline while conducting aerial spraying provides another example of the dangers posed by powerlines during low-level operations, an ATSB investigation has highlighted. The pilot then started a spray run from the eastern end of the drainage channel, and flew west towards a weir bridge and the powerline, which the

  • With Record Q1 Sales, Fire Boss Makes Australian Debut at Avalon Airshow

    With Record Q1 Sales, Fire Boss Makes Australian Debut at Avalon Airshow0

    South St. Paul, Minnesota, February 26, 2019 – For the first time, the Fire Boss will be on display in Australia at the Avalon Airshow. “In the middle of a record quarter of sales within Australia, we are excited to exhibit at the Avalon Airshow” said Stephen Johnson, Global Director of Sales, “This is a show

  • Doing business the smart way0

    By Bill Lavender Smart is more than a name for Steph and Ben Smart’s Smart Air Services based out of Cecil Plains, Queensland Australia. It is a way of doing business – more than just flying over customers’ fields, but being a part of the farming community, as well. Ben started flying ag with Aerotech

  • Aerial vs ground calculator0

    Often a farmer will be faced with a decision as to whether to treat their crop by ground application or aerial application. Aerial Application has a number of advantages over ground based application. These include: Advantages: • Timeliness of operation • Zero soil compaction • Zero disease transfer • Zero crop damage • Professional accurate

  • Australian Eyes in the Sky0

    Air Affairs Australia has been providing Airborne Bushfire Reconnaissance services in Australia since 1994 and Chris Sievers, Managing Director, and his team have not stopped developing new firefighting technologies since then. Starting out with a hired Learjet 35A aircraft configured with a Daedalus 1268 Line Scanner, the system was utilised by the NSW Rural Fire