• Addressing a Necessity

    Addressing a Necessity1

    When there is a demand for an improvement in this industry, there always seems to be somebody that is willing to take on the challenge. That is exactly what Jim Mills of Aero Innovations has done (the same Jim Mills of Turbines, Inc.). Jim visualized a need for a replacement turbine engine on the 510G.

  • Turbine Conversions announce STC for Thrush0

    TURBINE CONVERSIONS, Ltd announces the addition of GE H Series Turboprop Engines to STC #SA00902CH for Thrush turbine conversions. In 1998 Turbine Conversions, Ltd received STC #SA00902CH that approved the installation of Walters M601D-11 and M601E-11 turboprop on all series Thrush Aircraft. Over the past 20 years this TCL turbine conversion package has been well