• Crop Duster Demand Soars, as Pilots Cover Acres Quickly

    Crop Duster Demand Soars, as Pilots Cover Acres Quickly0

    Swooping as low as ten feet from the ground, crop dusters provide a thrill ride for pilots, and a valuable service for farmers. These aerial applicators can quickly cover acres in a hurry, protecting a farmer’s investment. Brandon Hamer, director of precision crop management for Aurora Cooperative said, “We’ve been putting on a lot of

  • A few thoughts about pilot complacency0

    Editors Note: Although this essay by James Wisecup is geared towards Helicopter EMS, there is valuable information here for agricultural operators and pilots. Ag aviation is a breeding ground for complacency, with long work hours and familiar work environments. The featured speaker at the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s 50th Anniversary convention, Colonel Mike Mullane labeled