• U.S. Helicopter Safety Team Warns About the Next “Bump in the Road” for Fatal Accidents

    U.S. Helicopter Safety Team Warns About the Next “Bump in the Road” for Fatal Accidents0

    WASHINGTON D.C. – As the temperature moves downward during October and November in most of the U.S., the number of fatal helicopter accidents usually moves upward according to the United States Helicopter Safety Team (www.USHST.org). In 2017 and 2018, during these two autumn months, the U.S. helicopter industry experienced 13 fatal accidents, the highest total for

  • Wire strikes: An Agricultural Aviation Hazard

    Wire strikes: An Agricultural Aviation Hazard0

    A Robinson R44 helicopter striking a powerline while conducting aerial spraying provides another example of the dangers posed by powerlines during low-level operations, an ATSB investigation has highlighted. The pilot then started a spray run from the eastern end of the drainage channel, and flew west towards a weir bridge and the powerline, which the

  • Australian Initiatives Improve Powerline Safety

    Australian Initiatives Improve Powerline Safety0

    The Australian Aerial Applicators Association has been working closely with powerline safety designers Balmoral Engineering and electricity companies Ergon Energy and Essential Energy to install new powerline markers that significantly boost powerline visibility. In addition, powerline network maps are now available in both Queensland and New South Wales through the Ergon app and Essential Energy