We process all the PT6A simplex fuel nozzles and TPE331-1 through -12 fuel nozzles to the overhaul standard at competitive prices to shops that work the nozzles to just the maintenance manual standards.  For example on competitive prices, the overhaul of a set of PT6A Simplex Nozzles is a true flat rate price on “as removed” nozzles, which includes tip replacements.  Now, if you send in the shields, the replacement would be additional along with gaskets and o-rings.  

We feel the overhaul standard gives you the smallest fuel droplets you can attain versus working a nozzle to the lesser maintenance manual standards, which leave minor streaking and voids in the spray pattern.  What you want is the most complete burn of the fuel droplets prior to entering the turbine section, which actually produces the least amount of sooting and carbon.  It is this carbon traveling through the turbine section at near the speed of sound that erodes the stators and wheels, which are the big ticket items in the turbine engine maintenance.